Monday, August 4, 2014

Best of London Round Up!

How is it August already? Honestly, I am so confused on how that seems like just a few weeks ago I was exploring London and the thought of coming back to America was in the distance. But my mind is playing tricks on me because it has been over 3 months...3 MONTHS!

Below is the mother of all round ups including my top 15 favorite experiences I had while studying abroad in England! It was quite a difficult task to achieve but here they are:

1) Meeting David all-time favourite actor

2) Experiencing London Fashion Week

3) Exploring East London every weekend


5) Learning about mobile photography

6) Chatting with Joe Thomas

7) Walking around Regents Park every Sunday

8) Eating the best cake of my life

9) Finally getting to experience Chelsea, The Royal Borough 

10) Walking by this amazing pub everyday

11) Going to the Doctor Who Experience

12) Walking around Oxford

13) Eating a weekly full English breakfast

14) Seeing Jack Whitehall and Ed Sheeran live 

15) Walking around the streets where Rose Tyler from Doctor Who lived

Now, I know that no one can have all of these same experiences that I did. But, let me tell you, London is full to the brim with cool opportunities! All you have to do is wake up in the morning being open to anything and everything London has to offer and it won't let you down!  


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