Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Photography Workshop

Recently, I had an incredible opportunity to attend a mobile (cell phone) photography workshop and photo walk with the talented Dan Rubin at the Townhall Hotel, organized by Zoe Timmers, a TV producer and photographer! Dan taught us some photography basics and then gave tips specifically for mobile photography. We learned to use apps such as SnapSeed, Retouch, and most importantly VSCOcam. 

Dan encouraged us to push ourselves to our limits. For me that is street style photography...I always want to ask fashionable people to take a quick photo but get too nervous. After some encouragement, I ended up asking at least five people and got some really cool photos! 

Not only did we get an amazing workshop and photo walk but we got to eat lunch and have an evening cocktail at the restaurant in the hotel! Zoe organized this event perfectly! There wasn't a moment throughout the day that I wasn't learning something new and interesting! 

Another workshop similar to this one is in the works so if anyone is in London and interested go follow Zoe for upcoming events she is planning!  

On a side note, I've had a lot of amazing opportunities in London and it wasn't all by luck or chance. I found Zoe through Instagram and contacted her about volunteering for this workshop, because simply put, I couldn't afford it. I spent a day promoting the event through social media with techniques I learned in school (using my major, yay!). Never underestimate the power of social media and communication! Don't be afraid to reach out to people, something I am truly learning this semester.

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