Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The best day of my life...actually.

I don't know where to begin or how to describe this night. As I mentioned before as a Christmas present my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew got me a ticket to see David Tennant in Richard II. I had planned to leave the show early and try to meet David on his way out but then I realized that once I was in there, I wouldn't want to leave.


I decided to go to the stage door on Thursday (the day before my show)!

I thought that with David Tennant being as famous as he is, it would be super difficult to get a photo with him...but honestly it could not have been easier. My friend and I got there about a half hour before the show let out and were in the second thin row of people. After the show got out there were around 100 people there (I think but I am actually really bad at estimating these things). Then about another half hour later, a car pulled up to the end of the crowd of people and he came out of the stage door. He started taking pictures and signing play bills for everyone in the first two rows. Not only that but be was laughing and chatting as he did it!

By the time he got to my side of the line I was freaking out! I was so nervous...I just couldn't believe he was standing there. My doctor, my favourite actor, my favourite person....after asking him to sign a picture of my nephew (which he explained he was only allowed to sign Richard II items), I asked for a photo. He laughed and said of course but I was so nervous I couldn't get my finger to press the button! We both laughed as I finally got it to work and thanked him for being so amazing!

Then after finishing the line of people, he thanked everyone, got in the car and left!

Then, after that I still got to spend a whole three hours watching him act perfectly as witty, dramatic Richard II the next day. And let me tell you...It was fantastic! I was five rows back..I could see the spit coming from his mouth every time he talked! I didn't realize it but the character of Richard II is a bit similar to the tenth Doctor. The character was hilarious and he played him perfectly. Not only that, but the rest of the cast did phenomenal jobs as well!

AHHH...I still can't believe it even as I scrolled passed the photo while writing this. It is something that I never would have thought could happen to me and I will never be able to thank my sister and brother-in-law enough!

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