Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sounds about right.

I went to the Doctor Who Experience...alone...on Valentine's Day.

And it was perfect and fantastic (see what I did there, Doctor Who fans?)!!! 

So, to explain the experience's set up (because I was a bit confused before going), it is half museum and half interactive guided tour. Since I got there early, I went to the museum part first. As you walk in you see number Ten's Tardis set first thing. I was a bit star struck to be honest. This is going to sound nerdy but honestly I have had so many memories in that Tardis and to see the real set in person was surreal. 

Next, I looked around at all the costumes of the characters (including all 12 Doctors)! I got photos of nearly everything (check out my Facebook for more)! About half way through I realized that I wasn't in any of my photos and this made me really sad (and I missed my brother-in-law who loves Doctor Who). But then I just asked a member of staff to take one of me....and she took a photo of me in front of almost everything in the area she was looking over! I couldn't believe how nice she was, and in every room that I went to the other employees were the same! Doctor Who fans really are the nicest, I've got to say.

After looking at all the costumes and accessories, I went upstairs to find all of the Doctor's most popular enemies. Cybermen, scarecrows, Zygons, weeping angels, and my favourites, the Silence (pictured below) and Daleks (pictured above)! It was amazing but a little scary, too. I have watched episode after episode of these things being horrible and then I had to just walk along and take photos of them all in one room (wow, my nerdy-ness is really showing in this post).

After the museum section, I had my guided tour at 2:30pm so I came out early to get in line. At this point I still wasn't too sure what I was waiting for. After a few minutes the line was super long and there were people of all ages. Families, college students, couples...everyone!

I don't want to give too much away in case someone wants to visit, but let me just say that the interactive 'experience' was phenomenal! Matt Smith guides you through an adventure that feels almost real (if you ignore the other 25 people on the same adventure, haha).

Above are my favourite two pictures of the day! The top one is all of River Song's belongings including her Tardis diary. She is my favourite character and I might even go as far as being a role model because she is just so strong (and sassy)! Below is a photo of me in Ten's Tardis! I just kept walking back to it throughout my time in the museum and staring at it.

All in all, it was an experience I will never forget and I now understand why they call it the 'Doctor Who Experience' because that is the only way to describe it...quite an experience!

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