Saturday, April 19, 2014

Once at the Phoenix Theatre

Every show I see here in London has been amazing (aka Richard II and Billy Elliot)! I keep going in thinking that the show will be okay but every one has just blown me away each time. I should have known by this point that Once was going to be the same and go beyond my expectations but for some reason I went in thinking that it wouldn't be able to compare to Billy Eliot.

The show I attended was one of the first for the new London cast, including Arthur Darvill, and they were phenomenal! The whole time they just seemed like they were having so much fun and that made it extremely enjoyable to be in the audience. Not only that but the actors performed beautifully, singing and playing instruments. As soon as Arthur Darvill opened his mouth to sing, I forgot all about Rory (his character on Doctor Who). He just transformed into someone else completely. I really hope that this leads him to record some of his own music because I need to hear his singing voice again! 


Afterwards, my friend and I figured we would give the stage door a chance, and I am so glad we did. After a few minutes of waiting with around 10 other people, cast members started coming out. They all signed autographs, got pictures, and stayed to chat with us. They asked how we liked the show and seemed quite thankful for the good feedback they got from us. 

The two stars of the show were the last to come out. Arthur Darvill walked straight over to me first and then realized he didn't have a pen. Luckily, I had one and then told him that I thought he was an amazing singer. He was very sweet and seemed happy that people were responding well to his performance. After I got a few photos with him, I went over to the female star of the show, Zrinka Cvitešić. I got her to sign my ticket and then before I could even ask for a photo she grabbed my shoulder and made me take a was crazy. After everyone waiting got photos we all dispersed in different direction including the stars of the show. They didn't have cars waiting for them..some of them even walked to the tube in front of us. I couldn't believe it. 


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  1. HEY i am a huge crazy zrinka fan and I was wondering if you would ever post the photo with you and zrinka!