Friday, February 27, 2015

Treats and Sweets: Dough in NYC

Don't you love when things just work out? That is exactly what happened when my friend Kate and I arrived in New York City. 

It was like 6:30 am, freezing cold, and we couldn't drop our bags at our hotel until 8 am. So being the person that I am, I just googled best doughnut shops in Manhattan, found the closest one to us, and headed straight to it! 

Luckily for us, we ended up at Dough. 

As you walk in, there is one large rustic table off-centered below a line of gorgeous lights. Behind the counter on the back wall, there is a giant window and you can see all of the bakers making fresh doughnuts and coffee. It is PERFECT! 

It honestly feels like a fairytale right in the middle of the city. Not only that but the nutella filled doughnut is to die for!! It may actually beat my zebra doughnut in London and nutella bomba in Rome

There are more foodie spots coming from my trip to NYC, check back soon! 

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