Wednesday, February 25, 2015

NYFW street style

Hello again! I am so excited to share with you my experiences at (well, standing outside of) NYFW! First things first, I may be addicted to Fashion Week. I just love being around so much beautiful fashion. To see people pushing boundaries and expressing themselves in such a beautiful way is just amazing. 

So, street-style outside the shows of NYFW was much different than when I went to London Fashion Week last year. I'm not sure if it was the cold weather or just the way New York does fashion week but there was wayyyy less people outside of the shows.

In London, there was a detailed schedule posted online for the public to see including pretty much every show with the location. In New York, there was a posted schedule but it seem to be missing a lot of key shows. 

The first day (Thursday) I went to Lincoln Center anxious to be around amazing fashion, I was very disappointed to find about three people walking around and around eight photographers. It was very strange and once again...very cold.

Thankfully, on Friday there were a lot more people dressed up and walking around! There were still not as many as in London though. There it seemed that every time I turned my head there was someone new to take a few snaps of. In New York, there were several key people that everyone ran to and took photos of. 

Another key difference was that in London I met quite a lot of celebrities going into/leaving the NYFW there must has been another entrance because I despite seeing some fabulous bloggers, there were no celebrity sightings while I was there.

Overall, it was a fantastic experience but I probably should plan to attend fashion week next year in the Fall when it is warmer in NYC :) 

Tune back in later this week to see what else I did while visiting New York City! 

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