Sunday, January 19, 2014

My first trip to the grocery store!

I love grocery shopping. I talk about shopping in Rome in this post. I feel like a grocery store really tells you a lot about a new city and a new culture. In Rome, it was something I (like most Romans) did almost everyday. I went to two or three different stores and also the local market. So far, I think London will be quite different from that.

I think (and hope) that my grocery list will become more regular and make more sense in a few weeks time, but my first trip was a bit rushed and random. First, my friends and I went to a store close to school, which is a 40 minute tube ride from home, so I couldn't get much. Then, I felt rushed because some of them were only getting a few things. All in all, I think it wasn't a complete failure. 

Here is what I ended up with: 

White Bread: £0.49 
White Wine: £ £4.99
Tortellini: £2.10
Double Deckers (4-pack): £1.79
Jammie Dodgers (Doctor Who fans will understand why I got these): £0.50
Mild Cheddar Cheese: £3.19
Ham: £2.00
Yogurt: £1.85
Laundry Pods: £4.00
Curling Iron (from Argos): £3.99


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