Saturday, January 18, 2014

Just like Pitt...

As Brittany and I walked down to the Natural History Museum from our school, we realized that it is just like Pitt because the Carnegie Natural History Museum is only a few blocks away from campus! We have found ourselves comparing and contrasting London to Pittsburgh more and more everyday. It is such a different experience from when I went to Rome because I was one of only two students from Pitt in my program there and here we are the majority in the program. There are around 70 students from Pitt and even though I don't know most of them, I still hear familiar words and places being talked about all the time. 

Anyways, back to the Natural History Museum! It is gigantic!!! We only had an hour so we didn't get to see very much beyond the entrance (which is gorgeous and massive), so I definitely have to see more of it!  

The outside looks like a castle with it's beautiful, ornate tiled walls. As you walk in, your eye goes straight to the ceiling that goes up three floors with tile all the way up the walls. There are different animals climbing each of the walls, my favourite being the monkeys! 

The only area we fully looked at was the dinosaurs and they were awesome. Like literally, I just stared at some of them in awe. At the end of the exhibit, there was a replica of an animal that survived all the way up until the 1500s in New was like double the size of me and had a huge beak!! I couldn't believe that it survived that long...the 1500 hundreds were only 500 years ago, King Henry VIII was the monarch in England and more or less monsters were still walking around New Zealand. 

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