Sunday, January 19, 2014

Afternoon Tea.

To end our orientation at school, our program held an afternoon tea for us! It was really fun and they taught us some proper tea etiquette that I didn't know about. 
  • If you want sugar and lemon you always put sugar and then lemon before you add the tea
  • The tea spoon should always be placed behind your cup on the saucer
  • If you leave the table your napkin should be placed on your seat not your table 
  • When you are drinking your tea, you should look into the cup and not above it
I thought those were pretty cool and very helpful for next time I go to tea! 

Brittany was very intense about pouring her tea :) 

I got a mini egg sandwich, a cheese and tomato triangle, a berry scone, and some type of chocolate, fruit cake...I was hungry. My favourite was the egg salad and my least was the cake (it was too sweet). 

I got photobombed by Tiff...and it is too good for me to get mad! 

The tea was held at a hotel relatively close to our school called the Regency! It was beautiful in there. 

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