Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back into the school routine

I know this post is a bit delayed and I hope that this doesn't become a habit, but the first week of classes is always a bit hectic so that's my excuse haha. Even so, it has been so nice to see my friends again. I love that at no matter what time it is or where I am, there is always something to do!

Last week (the week before classes), a group of us went to Dozen and to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

Our cupcakes!


Me, Aislin, and Sarah

Me and Holly

Beautiful butterflies!

As we walked through the museum, all I could think about was when my sister and I went to Europe. I remembered walking through the Tower of London and looking at the Crown Jewels, seeing the furniture in Versailles, and admiring the statues in the Vatican. I found myself unimpressed some of the things in there because of this. Despite feeling that way, I still had a fab time with my friends! 

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