Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Study Abroad Curse.

Tomorrow I start classes. I am excited to start a new semester at school, but I can't help thinking about next semester. Most of the time, I try to live in the moment and enjoy the people around me. Even so, sometimes I wish I could just hit the fast forward button and be on Christmas break. Today is one of those days…I can't help but think about what I imagine my life in Rome will be like and compare it to this seems dull right now. I don't want to feel like this (and usually don't) but sometimes it's difficult not to.

 I think this is the curse of study abroad:

The months before and after you spend longing for your time abroad and while you are abroad you miss your family and friends here.

I am going to try to actively break this curse :) 


  1. The curse is real! I hope you can break it...but you should still miss us in the 'burgh ;)

  2. Haha I will never be able to not miss you guys…but I have to break the anticipation part of it. I can be excited without letting it take over…I think. I love you so much. I am so lucky to have you as a sister.