Monday, March 21, 2016

Exploring: Lawrenceville

Hi, hello! 

I have been home nearly two months...isn't that crazy? My transition back has been amazing. These past few weeks I have mostly just been enjoying relaxing at home and being with my friends and family.  But with the change of weather, however, I am ready to get back to exploring! Pittsburgh was rated amongst the top foodie cities in 2015  and now we are on the list of cities about to be famous...again. So...rather than just reading about it, I figured I should head out to one of the hippest parts of town, Lawrenceville! 

Recently my friend Deanna and I headed to Lawrenceville to explore for the whole day. It was just awesome to walk around with no real destination in mind. We ended up going into three places that we had never been to before:

1) The Butterwood Bake Consortium- This bakery is a dream inside. I wanted to take a photo of every corner (and I did so there will be a whole post about this place coming up, hehe). They have a full coffee bar and tons of sweets to choose from! 

2) Von Walter & Funk- The first thing I have to say about this place is that Zoe Deschanel would love it! It is filled with quirky, slightly whimsical items for every room of your house. I ended up just buying a card but cannot wait to go back and explore a little more. 

3) Who New Retro Mod Decor- Last but not least, this antique vintage shop was so cool. They had tons of midcentury modern pieces that I want to buy for my future apartment. Not only that but they also had some vintage hats and purses that were very tempting and well-priced. 

After all of our window shopping, I had to take some pictures of Deanna. Lawrenceville is filled with cute back streets and colored walls. This pink one matched Deanna's sunnies perfectly so I made her my model for at least 15 minutes. 

This day was just perfect. With no expectations or plan, we ended up finding some spots that I had never knew were there...aren't those days always the best?

Next time I head over to Lawrenceville, I have been dying to check out The Vandal or Morcilla so keep checking back! 

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