Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hope is back.

Hi, howdy, ciao, hallo, ni hao, hola! 

I'm back and freaking jazzed about it! I have been absent from this blog for many months and have missed it everyday. Now I am going to try to catch everyone up as quickly as possible on what has been going on with me (to get it out of the way):  

I moved to Chicago for a job. At first it was great. Then it wasn't so great. 4 months in and I still didn't have any new friends. I got a part time job to try to find my place in the city. 6 months in and still no new friends and work was getting worse. Even so, I pushed myself harder than ever to hit my goal at work. I found out that I am going to have a niece in the Spring. I pushed myself even harder to do well at work. And then realized that I was pushing myself towards a goal that I didn't want to achieve any longer and that I shouldn't be here if it doesn't make me happy. 

Phew...that about sums it up! Now it's time to look forward....I am moving back to Pittsburgh!

To say that I am excited for this move is an of the many things that I have learned while living in Chicago is that I am a Pittsburgher through and through. Unfortunately, living in Chicago has also taught me to be self-conscious and worry more (habits that I intend to break). I keep having to remind myself that I am in control of my life. I am the one who gets to call the shots. I am nervous to think about other people's opinions of me coming back...but I shouldn't be. I 100% know that it is where I am meant to be and that these past months in Chicago have changed me (good and bad) into the person that I am meant to be today. 

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