Friday, October 2, 2015

Chicago 360


So you probably have noticed that I haven't posted in quite a long time. It isn't the lack of free time, I promise you that. I was nervous to write a post like this, but if I can't share what's going on in my life on here..then what's the point?

To be honest, I hate Chicago.

I have been trying sooooooo hard to find my spot within the city. Or even just one friend to explore it with. It is a strange feeling. I have been a lot of cities and have never felt this way before. When I was in London, I had some trouble adjusting. But it was different.

London was AMAZING from the moment I arrived. The only problem was that I felt I like I was on the outside of the amazing-ness. So, I pushed myself to keep exploring and keep asking people to do things until I found my spots, my neighborhoods, my friends, etc. 

With Chicago...I can't find the amazing spots, neighborhoods, or people. I realize this is all coming out very isn't that I haven't seen some great spots, cool neighborhoods, and fun people...they just don't feel like they could ever be my spots, neighborhoods, or people...does that make sense? 

To make things worse, I have been here 4 months and the feeling is only getting stronger. 4 months is how long I lived in London and how long I lived in Rome. I understand that studying abroad and even living abroad is different from living in a midwest city but I didn't realize it would be this different. 

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