Friday, August 14, 2015

Exploring: Lakeview

Hello, hello! 

I think it's about time that this city started to feel like home to me. My family's first visit felt more like a vacation rather than me actually showing them around where I live. We went to places I had never been before and experienced things I hadn't yet tried. 

But recently, my mom came up for the weekend and this time it was a little different.

We went to restaurants in my neighborhood including Glaze and Wheat's End. We walked the streets that I travel on everyday. It felt great to show her around and take her to some of my favorite places! The highlight of our day was, of course, grocery shopping in the biggest Aldi we have ever been in! It was so great to do something routine but enjoy it a lot more because I did it with my mom. 

Not only did my mom visit but, as my Instagram and Snapchat followers know, my pup visited too! Chicago is truly a brilliant city for dogs, especially in my neighborhood. I can't imagine taking Molly out on the coldest of days here in the city, but in the Summer, Chi-Town should be called Dog-Town...I know, that was cheesy but I couldn't help myself. 

It was sad to see my mom leave and sometimes I still wish I just lived in Pittsburgh with her and the rest of my family and friends, but it I am feeling happier to be here with every day that passes. Plus, I will be home in a few weeks for a friend's wedding, so I can't really complain anyways!

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