Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Caffeine Kick: Cold Brew

Wake up, wake up!

Somehow, I have become even more addicted to coffee since moving to Chicago..or should I say since I started living the 8-5pm work-life.

I feel like it seems as though I am complaining but, honestly, I LOVE it! I feel like Lorelei Gilmore. I drink at least two cups every morning and usually get another one or two cups in after lunch. During the week, it is easy to fuel this addiction with the amazing Yelp cafe, providing me with as many lattes and cappuccinos as I can handle (which in reality is probably just two cups).

The weekend is a different story. In an attempt to spend the least amount of money possible, I only order lattes when I can use the Popular Pays app. Otherwise, I get drip-coffee, iced coffee, or...COLD BREW.

That's right, folks. I have been trying to jump onto the cold brew train. It took me a while to truly enjoy iced coffee and it is taking me even longer to get into cold brew.

Don't ask me why...maybe it is just something I do or maybe it is a coffee-drinker thing...but I kind of like the challenge of having to get used to a new type of coffee drink.

Here is my current coffee drinking progression:

  1. decaf coffee at family functions during dessert
  2. coffee from gas stations
  3. drip coffee
  4. a dabble with espresso shots during my semester in Rome
  5. flavored lattes
  6. Starbucks macchiatos (the Starbucks part is key)
  7. flat whites during my semester in London
  8. iced coffee
  9. cold brew

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