Friday, July 24, 2015

Chicago Instagram Spot: The Chicken Shop

Hi, hello! How are you guys today?

You know what I have been dreaming about all week? The delicious golden fries that I recently had at The Chicken Shop. Making them even better was that I got them for free using Popular Pays.

To be honest they were just the cherry on top of the most amazing lunch I have had in Chicago thus far! The Chicken Shop is located on the second floor of the Chicago Soho House. As you walk into the Soho house, you are in the gorgeous Allis lobby. Cozy chairs, vintage chandeliers, and warm colors surround you.

Once you get upstairs to the Chicken Shop, the feeling is similar but a bit more laid-back. It felt like I had stepped into another time. Everything looked like it was out of the 1930s and the sun was shining through the lace curtains in such a lovely way.

My family and I conveniently had the place almost all to ourselves. Jack got to run around and try out every chair that looked comfy to him and I got to take as many pictures as I wanted (which is quite a lot :p). It was nice to be able to experience a spot that I had been seeing on Instagram for months and it was even better that I got to experience it with my family. 

I can't wait to go back to the Soho house and try one of the other restaurants! Maybe one day I will become a my dreams, at least. 

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