Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A visit to Yelp

Hello, hello! How is everyone on this very long Wednesday?

Since today at work wasn't my favorite, I thought I would relive the amazing day when my sister and nephew came to visit me at the office!

I felt so grownup as I signed them into the, adult me, was having visitors at my full-time job! Just so crazy.

I loved showing them off to everyone that I have met at work so far. People were going crazy for Jack. They just couldn't take how cute he was :) 

Not only that, but it was really cool seeing Annie's reaction to the office space. I feel like once I started having to be there everyday for 8 hours, I kind of forgot all the unique and beautiful things that I noticed on my first day. She helped me remember and walk in the next day with renewed appreciation for it. 

Don't forget to keep checking back to see what other places Annie, Jack, and I explored while they were here! 

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