Friday, June 12, 2015

Exploring: Lakeview

Hello, I am so glad to be all settled into my new Chicago neighborhood, Lakeview. It is a strange feeling to be walking the streets, knowing that I live here and I am not just visiting. In an attempt to let that feeling sink in, I took a walk around the area.

First off, Lakeview is BEAUTIFUL! Second, how do I live here? Haha, okay but seriously, I just want to walk down every street and take a picture of each building.

To just name a few things around me, there is Wrigley Field, Lake Shore Drive, and Belmont Harbor. Plus, there are tons of coffee shops, restaurants, and boutiques! The streets are always filled with people (even at night when I am trying to sleep, haha). 

Lastly, I love the green space and art that is incorporated into each street. There isn't a corner without something to look at and I really love that. 

That's all for now but I can't to explore more and share more beautiful neighborhoods with you! 

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