Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Caffeine Kick: Intelligentisa Coffee

All week I have been wanting to try out the Intelligentisa Coffee Bar that is in my new neighborhood! With my first Sunday morning in Chicago being a cold, rainy one...I got coffee, of course, and it was amazing.

Intelligentisa is one of the larger coffee places I have been to. There were plenty of seats, outlets, and room to people watch. I got a brewed coffee (for free with the app "Popular Pays") and a pastry.  Both were delicious. The coffee was quite strong for me, but with a good amount of sugar, it was perfect. To make this place even better, they had awesome music playing! Right as I sat down to enjoy my coffee "Under Pressure" by Queen started playing.

I cannot wait to come back and try a latte and another pastry! I may even have to grab one of their cool mugs with "Intelligentisa" on one side and the Chicago flag on the other.

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