Thursday, October 16, 2014


I feel like there are so many articles and stereotypes out there that say millennials (Generation X) are stuck in front of screens and as a result don't know how to have a face-to-face conversation like in the 'old days'. 

But it's called social media for a reason, it can be as social as you want it to be! This summer, I realized just how amazing my favorite mobile app, Instagram, can be! 

I planned a day trip to New York City using only Instagram as a planning was fantastic! I used the geotags to find out locations, user captions and comments for recommendations on what to order at restaurants, and photo inspiration from my favorite accounts. Not only that but I reached out to a few of these accounts and asked to meet up!

When my day in NYC finally arrived, it was just amazing (a few of my favorite photos of the day are above ^^^)!! I got to see all the places I had been scrolling through on my feed and adding to my favorite hashtags! I met up with the lovely Keen (@acupofkeen) who showed me around Brooklyn like my own personal tour guide (who didn't mind stopping for a billion photos!). 

Keen( pictured below) is the creator of #afriendbygram and she strives to meet up with as many Instagrammers a possible! She takes all her photos with her iPhone and has never taken a photography class. She has been one of my favorite accounts for a while and it was awesome to actually meet up with her and see who takes some of my favorite photos! 

Because of Instagram I now have a friend that I would have never met on my own. It has taught me how to better network, be bolder, and be more confident in myself as an aspiring photographer. 

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