Thursday, September 25, 2014

How to have a successful one day trip to New York City

Ever since I got back from London, I have wanted to go back! Obviously that was out of the question this summer so I did the next best thing and ventured to New York City for a day! 

Now, you may be thinking...what can you really do in New York City if you are only there for a day...and I am here to say that you can do quite a lot!! With a decent amount of research, a portable phone charger, and knowing your feet are going to be sore for the days to follow, you can have a successful, exciting day! 

Here is the plan I followed for my day in New York City:

1. I arrived at 6:30am after taking the megabus overnight
2. I went to Doughnut Plant for breakfast (they open at 6:30am!!)
3. Flatiron Building
4. Subway to Iconic Cafe for my first soy latte 
5. Walked through Chinatown 
6. Walked to Dumbo over the Manhattan Bridge 

7. Explore Dumbo street art 
8. Photo-op with the Manhattan Bridge 
9. Pit Stop at One Girl Cookies
10. Thai lunch in Nolita 

11. Union Square Park (with a photo-op from the Burlington Coat Factory across the street)
12. Outfit change in the New York Public Library
13. Coffee break in Grand Central Station
14. Walked along 5th Avenue to Central Park

15. Dinner at The Pullman Kitchen
16. Times Square
17. Megabus back to Pittsburgh (overnight)


  1. What an exciting time. I hope your home sells soon and for the amount you ask. I know you will be enjoying your extended time in Greece and look forward to hearing about it.

  2. I have tried some of the methods. It wasn’t literally with no money. I had some but still it wasn’t like you were paying the outrageous 2000 $ for organized trip in China. But one has to face both the good and the bad aspects. However, the memories are much more valuable. Cambodia motorbike tour