Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Good Eating: Roadside Bar and Grill

This trip to the Outer Banks was my first beach trip in the United States since I realized I actually love seafood! I was excited to eat crab legs and shrimp, but at the Roadside Bar and Grill I tried something else! 

Their menu includes fresh salads, lamb chops served with hearty potatoes, and more! Everything sounded delicious so I wasn't sure what to order, that is until our waitress told us the special. Freshly grilled mahi-mahi with a corn and black bean salsa, on top of brown rice and locally grown asparagus, all served with an avocado and sour cream sauce. This made my choice quite simple...the special, of course! 

To make this meal even better, in place of standard dinner rolls, we were served warm pretzel bread with honey butter, all locally grown and made! I don't think I can explain how much I loved the honey butter. It was all I talked about the entire was just that good. I now believe that if all butter was made into honey butter, the world would be a better place! Not even kidding.

Matching the excellent food and service was the decor of the Roadside Grill. Everything looked hand-made and seemed to be recycled, which made it feel very homey and comfortable. There was even an outside area that plays movies for free on special nights of the week! 

Overall, I think this was my favorite restaurant that we ate at all week! It had it all, a great atmosphere, a pleasant staff, and a unique menu! 

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