Monday, June 9, 2014

Good Eating: Melt

How do you top the best burger you've ever had? You eat the best grilled cheese in the world the very next day. 

For my second day in Columbus, my friend and I went to Melt. It is in the Short North, which is one of my favourite sections of Columbus that Sophia has taken me to. The main street is lined with cool bars, quirky restaurants, and stores full of unique finds! 

Oh right, back to the grilled cheese at Melt. The huge cartoon mural, tons of neon lights, the giant bar, and a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows gives Melt a cool and fun feel!  

To avoid a long waiting time, Sophia and I got there right when the place opened. We were seated quickly and began to explore the menu (each is on the back of a vintage record case, coolest place ever? I think so!). With so many options to choose, I chickened out and got the basic Kindergarten sandwich but spiced it up with sharp cheddar cheese and avocado! 

After about 20 minutes with no service, we began to worry. Were we seated in the wrong section? Was the kitchen not open yet? Finally, the bartender came over to our table and apologized for the long wait and explained that he hadn't known that he was in charge of our table. To make up for it he gave us two root beers on tap free of charge! 

Despite the extra-long wait to order, our lunches came out quickly. Similar to the day before, as soon as they set our plates down, we stopped talking and began to dig in! The bread was thick and crispy, the cheese was perfectly melted, and the avocado gave it an unexpected twist. Not only was the sandwich better than I expected, the fries were uhhmazing!! 

What made this meal even better was that I saved half for my dinner that night and it was just as good warmed up! 

I don't know how Sophia did it, but she took me to two of the best restaurants in Columbus that weekend and I couldn't have been more satisfied! 

Interested in spending a weekend in Columbus? Here are some of the spots I've been to and loved! 

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