Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Good Eating: The Thurman Cafe

Exploring unfamiliar cities is one of my favourite things to do! So, when my friend asked me to come to Columbus for the weekend, I just couldn't refuse (plus I got to see her, obviously)! 

To start off the trip right, she took me to The Thurman Cafe that claims to have the best burgers in the city. At first I was pretty skeptical, but as soon as I walked through the door I knew the food was going to be good...there was a 45-minute wait and it was 2:30 in the afternoon! 

After a shorter wait than expected, we sat down at a table near the bar and ordered two root beers! The servers were friendly and the menu was huge! I am usually quick to decide what I want to eat but after reading one delicious description after another, I figured I would just get my friend's favourite burger...the bacon, cheddar, and ranch! 

I know, I know...not the healthiest choice, but in our defense there wasn't an item on the menu that didn't have a million calories in it (okay, maybe not that many hehe). While we waited for our food to come out, we got to catch up and look around. Vintage memorabilia, old dollar bills, and photos covered every inch of the place and gave it an awesome, relaxed feel. 

As soon as our food came out, both of us suddenly stopped talking and just dove right in! And I have to was the best burger I have ever had. 

Along with the massive burger, our meals came with onion straws and a crisp pickle! All of the flavors were so perfectly matched that I didn't want to stop eating it. Thankfully, nearly halfway through my stomach caught up with me and I had to take the rest of my meal home. 

I would now like to take this moment to give my friend, Sophia, a shout-out for taking me to this amazing place! I really think it is a must-eat if you are traveling to Columbus! 

*For any of you How I Met Your Mother fans, this reminded me of the burger Marshall searches all of New York City for. All that was missing was a green front door

 Have a good burger recently? Do you remember your favourite one?

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