Sunday, May 4, 2014

The only Tardis in London.

As you walk out of the Earl's Court tube station over in Kensington, you will walk by a huge blue box. At first you may not notice...that's the trick of the Tardis, isn't it? :) 

On one of our last days here, Tiff and I went over to see the only Tardis in London! It was just one tube stop away from our school but for some reason it took us the whole semester to finally make the trip! It was amazing. It was just perfect, all that was missing was David Tennant standing outside of it in his trench coat. 

p.s. The only thing we weren't sure of was why it was placed outside of Earl's Court. We don't remember that being significant in the show but maybe it has to do with older episodes? Any thoughts? 

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