Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My favourite actors are everywhere!

On my last day of school, my friend and I decided to go over to South Kensington (one tube stop over) to grab some lunch. It was one of my last chances to get sushi from Wasabi, which over the course of the semester had become my favourite lunch spot! 

As we crossed the street back towards the tube, I looked over and saw an actor from one of my old favourite television shows called Skins

It was so surreal. 

I instantly walked over to her and asked to make sure it was really her! After she explained that yes, in fact, she was Hannah Murray (who is currently in one of the most popular shows on TV, Game of Thrones), I politely asked her for a photo if she had time. She was rushing so we quickly took it and before I could properly thank her, she was walking away but smiling at me. 

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