Thursday, April 17, 2014

Walking the flood carpet!

So I am leaving work on a Monday and as I walk through Leicester Square I see barricades surrounding a flood printed carpet. I walked right up to the end of carpet and found a spot that looked good. After a few minutes a huge, black SUV drove between the barricades right past me. Once at the end of the carpet, Logan Lerman got out of the car, followed by a huge cheer that filled the was at this point that I realized I wasn't going to be getting any homework done that night.

I stumbled upon the London premiere of the latest Hollywood blockbuster, Noah

Before I knew it, a young couple,who were standing next to me, and I were talking and hoping the stars would walk down our side of the carpet. As a security guard walked by me, I waved her over and politely asked if there was any chance of us getting photos with celebrities. She told us that it was probably a no but she couldn't say for sure and then continued walking down the carpet. I have to say it was quite fun even though the closest the celebrities were getting to us was when they were in their cars.

About 45 minutes later (after all the celebs were on the carpet), the security guard came back over to me. She quietly asked if it was just me and I told her that I was with the couple. She then proceeded to give us each a ticket to the premiere and told us to get onto the carpet. I know what you are thinking "Why? I don't understand. Why is she giving the tickets to them?". And, honestly, I asked her those exact questions. She told me to go have fun and gave me a hug.

Still in shock!

As I walked onto the carpet Russell Crowe was directly in front of me being interviewed. To my left, Emma Watson was surrounded by paparazzi. She was leaning over the fence to sign autographs and take photos with fans. 

The couple and I couldn't believe it. We tried taking photos but we were too excited. All my photos are blurry because I was shaking so much. 

Above is the amazing Jennifer Connelly signing autographs in a gorgeous dress! 

After I found my seat with free snacks and water, the stars and director/writer of the movie gave speeches and then the movie began! 

Afterwards I waited outside to see if I could catch any of the celebrities leaving AND I was in luck! The woman below used to be on my favourite reality show, Made in Chelsea! She was so much nicer than I expected her to be (on the show she was quite catty). It was fantastic! 

And that concluded what I thought would be just any old Monday in London!

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