Saturday, February 8, 2014

new environment, new people.

I talked about this a lot in Rome and it is coming up once again. It is so strange to be around people you aren't familiar with. You don't realize who you are and what your main traits are until you are forced to be around people you don't know. 

Not only that but you don't realize what you value most in your friends until you are trying to make new ones. Little things that bother you that you had no idea did until the moment someone does it. Jokes someone says that you don't realize you think are hilarious until someone says it. Tons of little things like this keep happening. 

I just keep thinking about how I went through this in Rome and now a year later some of those people are my best friends. I could have never guessed it and I can't guess it now. I know it may not happen in the same way and that I might not find as good a friends here as in Rome but that's just it...I have no idea what the future is going to make of my relationships here and that is amazing and scary at the same time. 

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