Thursday, January 16, 2014

The airport experience!!

Hello, hello, hello! This is my first post published from London!! Woo hoo!!

I am in a bit of a rush because my program has us booked all day for the rest of the week and I am about to leave for a housing meeting. flights were pretty good! No major problems. I didn't get much sleep but that is expected. For some reason (probably nerves) I didn't eat much on the planes either and that is strange for me because I love the little meals that you get on planes.

However, I did eat a $17 lunch in JFK...which included a small sandwich, diet pepsi, and chips. I was so shocked by the prices!! And then I was too anxious for my flights to even finish the sandwich...

OH jeez, I have to go!! I am already going to be late! But here are a few photos from my trip over here!

Saying goodbye 

My flight to New York

I had window seats both times!! 

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