Thursday, January 16, 2014

I officially live in London!

Wow! I honestly can't believe that I have been in London for two days!

Getting from the airport to my apartment was....absolutely horrible. I felt great because I was in London! But my luggage was too heavy, like wayyyyy too heavy (I didn't realize until now how losing my luggage in Rome might have actually been a good thing because then they at least delivered it! haha) . I couldn't believe how much I struggled. After taking a train, the tube, breaking a suitcase, and getting asked by two Londoners if I needed help, I finally got to my apartment!

The area is really fantastic! It is central and the neighborhood has a lot more shops and pubs than I expected! My apartment (I haven't gotten used to typing the word flat yet haha...soon) has very big living spaces, which is awesome! Plus, the living room has a view of St. Paul's Cathedral so it is quite beautiful. My room is a bit smaller than in Rome because it is a triple, but I have set up my space pretty well.

Not much else to write so far! My program has booked us up with orientations and meetings all day today and tomorrow so pretty basic stuff just time consuming.

Have no fears though because Saturday I have a panoramic bus tour and Sunday a Primrose Hill and Camden walking tour!!!!!! So more exciting posts are on their way!

Plus, once I am all settled I will figure out a more regular blogging schedule!

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