Friday, January 10, 2014

High Five for Friday!!

1. I am dog-sitting Sookie this week! She is so sweet. Partially because I love her so much and partially because I have realized I am allergic to dogs that shed, a Shih Tzu is going to be the first dog I get when I am older (instead of an English Bull Dog)! 

2. In two weeks I will be seeing this talented, gorgeous man! And seriously, who else can pull off all red velvet suit like David Tennant can? 

3. I saw this picture of a library in Kansas on Twitter earlier this week! Wouldn't it be cool to go there? I hope on the cross-country trip Janelle and I are going on we can go to quirky places like this! 

4. Jack is getting so big!! He is fitting into newborn clothes and will soon be in 0-3 months :) 

5. One of the best moments of my week was when I was about to check-out at the grocery store and saw this delicious, pistachio macaron...and I of course bought it! It was great...not as good as Laduree of course, but still pretty good! 

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