Friday, January 10, 2014

4 days until I leave for London!!!

So after doing this whole packing thing twice...I have a few tips to share with anyone who is about to study abroad!

First things first, contrary to most people's recommendations I always pack shampoo and conditioner! They might weigh a lot but overseas they are super expensive and aren't worth my hard-earned money! In Rome, the bottles were about 1/3 the size as in the US and they cost about 6 each! I honestly think I would have had to buy a bottle every two weeks and that €12 would've really added up! I am not sure what they will cost in London, but I am packing them just in case! 

My packing strategy is similar to what you will find suggested online. I pack my heavy items in the bottom to create a 'solid base' and then roll my clothes tightly on top. Both times as I packed I thought to myself "is rolling really the best method?" or "what if I just lay them flat?" but both times I just wasted time trying different techniques only to re-roll each piece of clothing. 

Lastly, I would never even think of packing only one suitcase. Just like when I went to Rome, this year I have two suitcases I am going to check (one a standard suitcase with wheels and one large duffle bag with wheels), a travel backpack as my carryon, and a very large purse! This may seem like a lot but for London I had to pack professional clothes and shoes, everyday clothes and shoes, evening clothes and shoes, and running clothes and shoes (hopefully I will actually use the running gear haha) so trying to fit that all in one suitcase would have been nearly impossible! 

Check back to see what I packed in my carryon just in case my luggage gets lost again!!


  1. It's NEVER possible to travel with one suitcase. Women need options!!! Oh let's not get started on the shoes :)