Thursday, May 2, 2013

Having a host-family!

It was so cool to see Holly in France! Not only did I get to see her with her friends and at school, but I got to have a mini home-stay experience too! Let me tell you, it is very different from living in an apartment! Every time we entered the house we had to go into the garage, take our shoes off and change into slippers (aka house shoes). Then, we had to go and chat with Holly's host mom. Then we could go upstairs into Holly's large bedroom. We could only shower between 5:30 and 9 (Holly, correct me if I got those hours wrong haha).
The hardest thing for me was that I had to be quiet in the evening because Holly's host-siblings were sleeping. The nicest thing was hearing people quietly talk in French while we were sitting in Holly's room. It was nice to have a family feeling again. I have Tony and Maria but for people without that, I feel like a host-family would be comforting.

Random tidbit: To prepare me for my visit, Holly kept reminding me that her host-family did not speak any English. This obviously made me very nervous because I talk a lot haha. So, after picking me up from the train station, Holly and I walked up the stairs into the room where her host mom was watching tv. Holly introduces me and starts telling her about my train ride all in French, when all of a sudden her mom starts talking to me in English! Holly looks at me and goes 'Hope…can you understand her?". It was so funny! I have never seen someone as shocked as Holly was in that moment!

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