Thursday, May 2, 2013

Good Eating around Rennes!

 I ate Kebab my first night! I had my first french fries in a long time!

 Galette, buckwheat crepes! They were so good and savory!
 We ate at a really cool restaurant! It was nice and cozy!
 I even enjoyed the cider!
 Baguette with chocolate chips in it! I ate the whole thing :)
We had Chinese food the second night. It was really good! It was the only Chinese food I have had the entire 4 months.
 Crepes for dessert…obviously! haha
 Breakfast in the Parc du Thabor!
 Our picnic lunch! We went to 'Carrefour' and bought cheese, salami, and patte. Then we went to a bakery and bought fresh baguette. It was delicious!
 Macarons for dessert!

Our last meal together :(

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