Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hail to Pitt

Last weekend I went to my first Pitt football game. Thus far in my college career, I wouldn't say I have ever felt a large amount of school spirit. I am proud I go to Pitt but I feel more pride when I look at the Cathedral of Learning than when I think of the football team. However, last weekend I began to understand why people love going to Pitt sporting events.

My friends and I got there early so we could get seats near the front of the student section. I wasn't thrilled when my alarm went off but once we had all our Pitt gear on, I began to get excited! As soon as we got there we got to see the marching band play and the football players get off their bus. During the game, it was my goal to get onto the big screen and for a second or so we did!! We did the dances and the chants…the best part was when we did 'Sweet Caroline' after the third quarter! In that moment, I felt like I belonged there, alongs side everyone else in the stadium singing and everyone else who has sang that song for Pitt. It was a moment like in 'Perks of Being a Wallflower', in that moment I felt infinite. 

Some of the girls!

Me and Kelly

Our terrible tan/burn lines...

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