Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Study Abroad Curse.

Tomorrow I start classes. I am excited to start a new semester at school, but I can't help thinking about next semester. Most of the time, I try to live in the moment and enjoy the people around me. Even so, sometimes I wish I could just hit the fast forward button and be on Christmas break. Today is one of those days…I can't help but think about what I imagine my life in Rome will be like and compare it to this seems dull right now. I don't want to feel like this (and usually don't) but sometimes it's difficult not to.

 I think this is the curse of study abroad:

The months before and after you spend longing for your time abroad and while you are abroad you miss your family and friends here.

I am going to try to actively break this curse :) 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Move in week!

It's a bit weird being in the dorm by myself, but it has been a fun week so far! 

Sarah, Holly, and I crashed the freshman ice cream social! Haha, it was really funny. We started like three dance circles and got mint chocolate chip ice cream…all in all it was a fab time! 

Plus, last night Tess and I skyped for a couple hours! It was great to talk to her and hangout even though we were actually together! It made me a bit less nervous for Rome because skype is such an amazing way to communicate… I just hope the internet works while I'm there. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

In a the world full of social media can you ever really forget your past?

It's amazing how much a certain person liking something on your Facebook can affect you. It took that person less than a second to click 'like' but as soon as you see it, your heart skips a beat. You have no idea why but you start to think about why they would like it and try to tell yourself you don't really care. For me, it was someone whom I rarely talk to anymore and have mixed memories about. Once I saw the notification, I quickly went to their profile. Then, I used Facebook's ever so convenient 'See friendship' button. That button is actually quite scary. It shows you every picture, post, like…everything from the moment you became friends. For some odd reason, I thought it would be fun to look through our old posts. It's weird to see what you write to someone a year ago or more on Facebook. We are so careless and quick to post on it…I still am. Until recently, I never really thought about the words I posted on there. And even if it was a thoughtful post, it odd to see one that you don't feel anymore…and you can't even remember ever feeling that way. It gave me a sense of sadness, pride, and relief all at the same time. Sad to have spent years best friends with someone and now almost forget what it feels like to be around that person. Proud that I have grown and moved on from something that I never thought I'd get over. And relief that I have such amazing family and friends now that I feel comfortable and fantastic around.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

More move in photos!


I just love the Cathedral in the background!                                            

My almost finished room! 

Fall semester= Pitt, Spring= Rome

Today I moved back to school and my whole family (minus my brother-in-law) was there to help me. It was just an amazing day. No fights, just togetherness. I'm not sure if that makes sense but it was just a great day.

Before I continue, I want you to understand that I am super excited to be back at school. I can't wait to spend the whole semester with my friends, in a fantastic dorm room, laughing, going out, and just having fun. However, in the back of my mind there will always be a little voice reminding me that after this semester, I will be in Rome...without my family. All summer I have been reminding myself of this fact, but today it really hit me. As I watched my parents get into their car and drive away, I knew that in four months time I won't have the luxury of knowing I will see them in a week or so  and to me, that's quite a scary thought.

Moving back into school is such a gradual process. I started shopping a month ago, I talked about it to my friends/roommates, my mom and I walked around my building two weeks ago, I grocery shopped last week, and today I moved in. Plus, throughout the next couple of weeks I will be bringing things back and forth from my house. With Rome it is so immediate and definite, one day I will be in PGH International Airport and the next I will be in Fiumicino Airport in Rome. There is no cushion for me to fall back on. I think that it will be a truly life changing experience for me. And no matter how scary or hard it is going to be, I guess it's now or never. As I said before, I want to grow into myself and I can't do that without experience.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I guess I'm not a light packer...

Only a couple more days and I am going to be back to school! I honestly cannot believe I am a sophomore in college…when did that happen?

Haha, I am glad I move in first so my roommates don't have to see all my crap being carried in.

A day spent with Quentin!

Earlier this week, Quentin and I went out for lunch! It was the first time all summer that we hung out and it was fantastic. He is just one of those people that no matter how much time goes by without us seeing each other, it still feels like we are best friends!

Friday, August 17, 2012

No Reservations: Back to blonde

As I have said a new school year is soon beginning and with that comes a lot of changes. First off, I have dyed my hair back to blonde!

I get an odd, amazing feeling every time I look in the mirror now. I feel a sense of nostalgia because most of my memories were made with blonde hair, yet at the same time, I feel like I'm entering a new chapter. It started when I decided to dye my hair red last year, I am beginning to understand who I am striving to be, who I am working towards. I am obviously going to make mistakes but I want to make my mistakes with confidence and know that it is helping make me, me.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Four and half months until Roma!

I honestly can't believe that at the end of this semester, I will be going to Rome. I have been waiting and planning and anticipating for it to happen! Although it is still some months away, now I can at least start applying and really planning for it!

Just think in a little over four months:

I will be with my Italian family!

Be able to eat delicious gelato everyday!

Have beautiful, historical sites right outside my door! 

Not only that, but I will be living with students from all over the country, be taking classes at an Italian University, and I will be away from everything (and almost everyone) I know for four whole months! 

New school year, new blog!

For the past couple of months, I have been running a blog on tumblr. I have been attempting to document my life as a college student. However, I have come to realize that most of the people I that I want to read it, don't have tumblrs. This new blog, helps me to share my life with my friends and family and allows them to post comments as well!