About me!

Lovely Travels is a personal travel blog sharing one recent grad's adventures at home and abroad. Through my travel experiences I hope to bring knowledge and tips to fellow travelers. I strive to live my life with no reservations by stepping outside of my comfort zone everyday and encourage my readers to do the same. Whether it's eating a new dessert, trying out the latest fashion trend, or exploring the ins and outs of a new city, there are endless opportunities to explore this lovely world. 

Hello my darling followers, 

 My name is Hope Perri, and I am a recent college grad who lives in Pittsburgh, Pa! I am really just trying to figure out who I am! I know that is cliche but, seriously, I spend wayyyyy too much time thinking about it! To help me figure this out, I studied abroad. First in Rome, Italy, during the spring of 2013. Then, the following spring in London, England. After graduation, I lived and worked in Chicago for several months but have just moved back to my home city of Pittsburgh. Thanks for taking the time to check out my little corner of the world and sharing in some of my lovely experiences! 

Lots of love,

Hope xx

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