Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Looking Forward:

Hello everyone! Long time, no see.

It's 2017, can you believe it? I definitely can't! Last year flew by and yet so many things happened.

365 days ago, I was still living in Chicago. I was working at job that I hated. My friends and family were hundreds of miles away. And most shockingly, I had only watched Gilmore Girls two times through.

Now, I am back in Pittsburgh, loving the city as a post-grad! I have a job that I love doing! I've made new friends as well as connected with old ones. I have another nephew and loved see my other nephew grow into a sweet and hyper 3-year-old. Last but not least, I've watched Gilmore Girls 5 times!

To make 2017 even better and filled with more change and growth, I've made some resolutions!

A few more things I am looking forward to in 2017 are: a trip to London, moving into a new apartment, lots of DIY crafts, a trip to down south, and mastering the application of eye shadow! 

1 comment:

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