Friday, August 5, 2016

Good Eating: The Vandal

As everyone knows, Lawrenceville is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. One of the main reasons I love it is because there is always something new to try out: a new flavored latte, a new pastry, a new vintage shop, or even a new restaurant! 

While I was living in Chicago, The Vandal opened up right on Butler. When I first saw it, I thought it should be in LA and knew I had to stop by asap! 

As soon as you spot it, it just has that California cool feel to it. The feeling starts when you see there are palms are on each side of the door. No only that but, it has huge windows that allow tons of sun to come into the small seating area. 

My friends and I decided to go for Saturday for brunch so we knew it would be busy. Thankfully, we only waited 15 minutes for a table. While we waited we got cold brews from the bar and checked out the pop up shop they had out back. It was great! 

After some confusion from the waiter explaining the dishes, we had to decide what we wanted to try out. It was quite difficult to pick just one thing to try for brunch but I ended up getting the Soft Scramble with a latte. Everything tasted amazing and so fresh! 

I was a bit turned off because of the odd/awkward way the waiter answered our questions about the menu but think it deserves another try! 

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