Friday, March 4, 2016

Flashback Friday: My London apartment

Blimey! It seems like ages and ages ago that I was in London. I was sorting through my drafted posts the other day and found this gem. I can't believe I never shared a post about my London flat. 

First off, here are the basics: 

  • It was located in Farringdon which is central London
  • There were 7 girls living here (including me) 
  • Three bedrooms
  • Two bathrooms

So as you can see this place was very modern. I loved the design and the open feel that the windows gave it. The kitchen was very functional. It even had a hidden washer/dryer combo behind one of the lower cabinets. 

I honestly didn't spend too much time in the living room because it was very crowded with all of us in there. However, I did get to enjoy a few episodes of Made in Chelsea in there :) 

The best part of the apartment, hands down, was the location. We had a great view of the city including the Shard and St. Paul's Cathedral (if you squint you can see them in the picture below). Not only that but it was very easy to get to every part of London. We were on the circle line and the central line and one stop away from King's Cross.

Unfortunately, it wasn't all great. It was a very packed apartment with too small of bathrooms. To make things worse, we got mice halfway through the semester so in total it was 7 girls and 2 mice in what felt like a very cramped apartment. 

Even with its flaws, I would go back in a second! I sometimes still walk my commute to my internship on google maps or in my head when I am really missing it. 

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