Monday, January 25, 2016

So long, Chicago.

Today's the day...the day I leave Chicago. I'm not sure if I have ever analyzed a situation as much as this one. I have over-thought, worried, text my mom, made plans, worried that I was worrying too much, text mom again, started to get self-conscious, facetimed my nephew, smiled, relaxed, and jumped in.

Over this past week I have had a lot of random people try to give me advice or somehow explain to me what "went wrong" here in Chicago for me. After the first couple of these conversations, I have (hopefully) realized how to explain why I am moving back to Pittsburgh. I want to be excited to wake up every morning. Maybe I won't be excited for every minute of everyday but I will not accept that "being an adult" and "living in the real world" means that I just go on doing the same thing when life isn't fulfilling. I don't believe in shoulds...I only believe in following what feels right and what feels worth it. I know that may sound naive but, believe me, I know that life is tough sometimes. I love challenges and pushing myself but only when I feel it is going to make me a better/stronger/etc. person. Chicago was worth the struggle for 8 months but any more than that wouldn't be right for me. And that, my friends, is why I am moving back...TODAY! Like today, like as you are reading this post I am probably on the road somewhere in Indiana on my way back to the Burgh :)

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