Friday, July 17, 2015

Ulta Haul

Well, hello! How is everyone? Needless to say, I am doing great (I did just get a haul from Ulta, hehe). Thankfully, I can say that I got some amazing deals on the items below and am excited to use all of this new makeup to spice up my beauty routine! 

L'Oreal (40% off sale): 
True Match LUMI // $6.23 plus 20% off coupon

Miss Spa:
Detoxifying Self-heating Facial Creme Mask // $2.99

Chloe Perfume Pen Spray // $25.00

NYX (40% off sale):
Curvaceous Mascara // $4.19 
Pink Perfect Color Mascara // $4.19
Black Cherry Tart Intense Butter Gloss // $3.59
Snow White Round Lip Stick // $2.39
Retractable Eye Liners // $2.59
Aqua Green

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