Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My new place

Hiya! I'm really excited to be giving you a 'tour' of my new studio apartment! I'm not totally finished decorating it yet, there are a few more spaces on the walls that I am planning on filling up. 

I figured I would start with my 'bedroom' since it is my main space, not only that but  I am completely finished with it! I am so proud of my gallery wall picture below. I tried to mix it up with frames, canvas, magazine clippings, and more 3D objects and I just love how it turned out. Walking in everyday after work and seeing this wall makes me feel amazing! I just feel like it inspires me and reminds me to stay positive everyday. 

My second favorite item in this area of my apartment is the map of England that my best friend Deanna made me. Not to mention the amazing artwork that my other best friend Janelle made me that is a part of my gallery wall! I wish I was as creative and talented as them, jeez, I know how to pick good gift-givers as friends ;P 

One of the last walls I decorated was the space above my TV. I wanted something there that wasn't too distracting but also something that I didn't mind waking up to everyday...

My solution: Instagram Photos! As I have said before, I really think it is important that these photos that I take so much time on, don't just stay in the app. I like to surround myself with them and remember how much beauty is in my life! 

Alright, that's it for now! Thanks for coming along and viewing my space! Once I head to IKEA and Target, I will be giving a tour of my living/dining area and kitchen! 

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