Monday, June 29, 2015

Chicago Instagram Spot: Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park

Hello, hello! How are we today? 

I am excited to talk about another one of the amazing places I have been exploring since moving to Chicago. I think the coolest thing about this move is how much Instagram has been a part of it. Instead of buying guidebooks or using Google or Tripadvisor, my main source of info has come from Instagram. Thank goodness for geo-tagging!! 

To keep track of the places I want to visit, I have begun to use Yelp and Pinterest too. I feel like the possibilities are endless exploring with these as my resources. Plus, the info I find won't really go out of date since I can look at the geo-tags in live-time. 

First up, the Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park! It is a great little spot to walk, run, and explore nature. It isn't too long but a nice change of scenery, plus it leads you right to the (free) Lincoln Park Zoo! 

The boardwalk was built in 2010 and has become a well-known site in Chicago. If you look hard enough, you can find 17 different species of butterflies...I only saw two so I guess I have to go back to find the rest! 

I first saw this spot on the account of on Instagram and knew I had to go check it out! I knew it would look a little different from her shot because of the change of season, but I was surprised at how small it was. There wasn't a good of a view to the city as I had expected but it was still pretty awesome! 

Keep checking back to see the other spots I found on Instagram that are must-sees in Chicago! 

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