Monday, April 27, 2015

Good Eating: Hotel Monaco and The Commoner

As you walk into the lobby of the Hotel Monaco, you are transported to another world! The crisp white walls are covered in art. Each room has its unique feel to it that makes you want to photograph it from every single angle! 

The only thing better than walking around this hotel all afternoon, is stopping by The Commoner (which is attached) afterwards for drinks. It has its own amazing decor that makes you feel right at home. The bar is huge with a lot of choices and super fast service! I felt like I had just ordered my cucumber cocktail and fries when they were brought out fresh from the kitchen.

At first I felt a bit guilty for coming to such a great place and only getting fries but once I tasted them I realized that I had made the right decision! I didn't realize how amazing chargrilled ketchup would be until I tasted delicious!!

I have definitely have put these two spots on my list to come back and try again! 

Hotel Monaco
620 William Penn Place
Pittsburgh, Pa 15219

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