Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Caffeine Kick: Constellation Coffee

Hello! I may have found my perfect study spot for finals week....Constellation Coffee in Lawrenceville! It is just a quick bus ride away from most college campuses in Pittsburgh and has plenty of tables to choose from, it is (like I said) just perfect! 

The barista was super friendly and made me feel right at home as I walked in the door. Light music was playing in the background and everyone was quietly studying and chatting with their friends. The only thing that threw me off was that they don't have any flavors except for the seasonal special...seeing as I loved the maple latte I chose, I didn't mind. 

I honestly can't wait to go back and show my friends this awesome spot! 

Constellation Coffee
4059 Penn Ave
 Pittsburgh, PA 15224

What I ordered: the seasonal latte (maple) 
What I want to try next time: the next seasonal latte :p 

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