Friday, September 12, 2014

High Five For Friday!!

1.) It has been a long four months, but Tiff and I are back to watching Doctor Who! She is finally on Donna and it is amazing! I have missed seeing David Tennant's beautiful face. 

2.) I made a salmon meal from my Blue Apron trial and it was so delicious! As I was making it, I thought that I may not like all the spices but in the end they were all perfect together! 

3.) Even with going back to school, I still get to see these two faces a lot and that makes me happy :) 

4.) Probably one of the only things I miss about Pitt when I study abroad is the Cathedral of Learning. It is just magical inside and out. 

5.) I am so lucky to have such a brilliant sister! She is getting old but I still love her ;) 

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