Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Travel Tuesday: What to wear

I love clothes...I have tons of them. I am someone who likes a lot of options. All of this made
packing for a semester abroad seem like an impossible challenge at first. However, after going through it all twice, I have come up with a few tips to make things easier! So, here goes...

1.) Remember that you are probably going to buy clothes once you arrive in your host country (obviously some will buy more than others, but everyone is bound to at least buy a shirt or two).

2.) Pack for multiple seasons. If going for a semester, then you'll be there for four months so the weather will probably change while you are there. It could go from wet to dry, dry to wet, cold to hot, hot to cold, etc.

3.) Don't forget to pack neutral, staple items. So even if you don't know the style trends of your host city, you will still fit in (This is where #1 comes into play. You can buy statement pieces at your local shops and then mix them in with what you packed.)

4.) Pack comfortable shoes. No, this does not mean only pack sneakers. This does mean that you will have to do a lot of walking, I mean a lot of walking, in the shoes you pack. I, myself, chose to pack mostly short boots that were good in any weather.

5.) You can never go wrong with a scarf. It is as simple as that.

Below are some more specific tips for the countries I studied in, Italy and England.

My top fives staples in London were:
  1. Boyfriend jeans
  2. A black midi dress
  3. Tan booties
  4. A black leather bookbag 
  5. A bright scarf 
My London style inspiration boards:

London Outfits

London Accessories

London Accessories by hopefullyfashionable featuring oxford shoes

My top five staples in Rome were: 
  1. Dark skinny jeans
  2. A black blazer
  3. A long strap purse
  4. A gray sweater
  5. Black flats 
My Italian style inspiration boards: 
Italian Outfits

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